The story of once in a blue moon boxbags is rooted in joy. In the fall of 1998, while puttering around favorite antique shops with my mother I was captivated by a small vintage wooden box handbag marked "Enid Collins" - an American handbag designer from the early 1960's. At that time I had no idea who Enid Collins was, but adorned with a butterfly and daisy drawn with brightly colored plastic gems, this bag was so different it kept pulling me back to take another look!

A month later the little box came knocking on my door when mom sent it as a surprise gift (it had enchanted her too). Giving in to its fun and unique vibe, I began carrying it the following spring, and everywhere I went people of all ages were continually drawn to my small vintage bag as it provoked myriad responses of joy and lots of smiles.

By the end of summer this vintage bag was a constant source of delight… it felt like a magical pixie dust dispenser! I started dreaming of designs and ways to update and modernize its look. I felt passionately about creating a modern version intended to blend timeless designs with whimsy, brilliant color, and unique features like aromatherapy. Most of all, I wanted to make such an original and joyful accessory available to my friends and others.

I made a wish on a blue moon and my life changed wildly. I met my husband-to-be, William on a blind date! It was spring again…during our honeymoon I kept vividly dreaming designs along with a blue moon logo. Caught up by my ideas, William encouraged me to design our first bag, "starflowers".

On vacation in 2000, we were overwhelmed by the incredible response to my "starflowers" boxbag. People approached us on the street and in shops to ask about the bag. When they enthusiastically wanted to place orders, we knew we had something special. We soon found ourselves leaving careers to follow the dream and design boxbags full time.

We named our company once in a blue moon to honor all the creativity and wonder that entered our lives around the time of a blue moon. With a lot of hard work, ideas and dreams scribbled on scraps of paper transformed into our first collection. "Impossible" things began to happen, and we were soon busy with orders, sending our boxbags worldwide.

The bags have drawn attention from NY fashion designer Cynthia Steffe, Sarah Jessica Parker, US Magazine, SELF Magazine, and InStyle Germany among others.

We remain true to our original intent - to create something timelessly unique, captivating, and joyful. Our success is complete when we see others respond to our boxbags with the warm spirit of joy, fun, and wonder I discovered with my vintage bag…along with a bit of pixie dust! Truly a vintage look made modern.

This story began when something so simple captured our hearts and inspired us to try and make a dream come true. And that's the road we're still following - the one that led us here. Once in a blue moon hopes you feel as much joy with your new boxbag as we have making it!

Sheila & William