once in a blue moon handmade boxbags are created to be joyful and unique, filled with vibrant color and whimsy. Timeless and seasonless, the bags appeal to women of all ages who are very individual in their taste and personal style.

Not particularly concerned with the latest "trend-of-the-moment", you're comfortable with who you are, appreciate what makes you unique, and love celebrating your uniqueness! You like to connect with the things you bring into your world, to express and enjoy yourself. You delight in a much loved fashion accessory and enjoy and wear it for years.

Our boxbags are crafted entirely by hand in the Midwest from sustainable wood with meticulous attention given to every detail. Through the natural wood grain each bag has its own unique energy and feel and each design has its own personality and beauty. Swarovski® crystal and colored gem pieces really bring them to life.

once in a blue moon is known for signature features such as vibrant two-color leather handles, lapis blue moon logo, and custom gold-plated clasps and accents. The entire inside lid is a beautiful hand-cut beveled mirror and daisy-shaped brass feet protect the bottom of the bag. The wood is scented with pure aromatherapy oil to enhance the individual design personality…they smell delicious!

Each boxbag comes with a detailed aromatherapy guide and information on the design and how to care for the bag.

Handmade with love and joy from start to finish, each bag is an original work of art. Whimsical, elegant, and exuberant, once in a blue moon boxbags transcend seasons and trends making a fabulous and original fashion bag for day or evening.