once in a blue moon is about delighting in the magic and wonder in our lives and our world. Each day you feel pure joy the energy of that moment ripples out through your heart and touches everyone and everything you come into contact with. That's magic!

Our name comes from a wish made on a blue moon for an "impossible thing" - our true heart's desire. And, in a seemingly "impossible" way, we found one another and were soon married. While traveling in 2000, response to our first boxbag was so enthusiastic and overwhelming we soon left careers to follow a dream founded on joy and creativity…a dream of boxbags!

We design and create our unique collection of boxbags in the Midwest where each bag is entirely handmade. Designs are inspired by our dreams, our travels, and the magical everyday world right outside our front door. We try to capture a timeless moment of joy in each design with whimsy and exuberance!

Committed to giving back and making a difference since the beginning, we've created designs influenced by issues close to our hearts, and donated a portion of the proceeds to the foundations associated with these specific boxbags. Donations are currently made to The Tibet Fund and Artists Against AIDS Worldwide.

We've gone from dreaming of boxbags to happily sending once in a blue moon boxbags to web customers, specialty stores and boutiques nationwide and abroad, from Tokyo to St. Barths.

We still feel most successful when we hear we've somehow brought a little bit of joy into your world!

Sheila & William